Want to support Volunteer and Lady Volunteer athletics and have the ability to get season tickets and parking? You have come to the right place!

Tennessee Fund donors provide the financial resources needed to help our 20 athletic programs compete for SEC and national championships.

There are four simple steps to joining the Tennessee Fund as a football season ticket holder:

  1. Make your annual Tennessee Fund donation. This is determined by the location and quantity of seats desired.
  2. Purchase season tickets.
  3. Purchase your season parking pass.
  4. Cheer on the Vols to victory at Neyland Stadium.

There are also giving opportunities for those looking to purchase only Vol or Lady Vol basketball tickets and parking or those who wish to make an outright gift without receiving any benefits. Please review the options below and find the right choice for you.

We look forward to having you as a member of our Tennessee athletic family!

Option 1. I know where I want to sit.
Let me reserve football tickets based on my desired location and how many seats I want.
Option 2. I wish to support UT Athletics through the Tennessee Fund.
I am not interested in purchasing season tickets to any sport at this time.
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